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Providing help with Accounts, Bookkeeping, CIS, Employing people, VAT Import & Export. Element are Business advisers and accountants. Why is Element Business Services here? I started on the long journey of entrepreneurship and business at the age of 14 and since then I have spent many years’ in a variety of industries ranging from agriculture to media, technology to engineering, marketing to building and much more. With a love for business and an understanding that a change needs to happen in the industry it has put me in a good position to start a business and lead a team of dedicated client managers at Element Business Services. Element Business Services was born when, following a swift change of roles within a family-run business, I realised how hard it was to juggle completing VAT returns, accounts and paying staff as well as learning a science, importing and selling a technology. What was needed was a company, knowledgeable about business, to take on some of the responsibilities to allow me to focus on running the company and making it successful. Finding a company that was reliable, experienced and thorough in all aspects of the business proved to be a tall order and, with the expectation of fines for any mistake made, the result was the development of a team of accountants and business-minded individuals committed to making the running of any business as easy as possible. It is very important to us to be able to offer any company, be it small or large, help, advice, support and a fresh approach on the general day to day running of their business. The main aim of a good business is to excel at offering a product and/or service and the best way to do that is to focus on its strengths. Leave the time consuming admin work to a team who can do the job with care and enthusiasm and go out and do what you do best. Wishing you all the best, Tom Stothard - Founder & Client Manager 15b Town Square, Syston LE71GZ Leicester United Kingdom Call: 01162691243
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Element Business Services, Leicester, United Kingdom

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