Hodges Business Services, LLC, Montgomery, United States

We offer accounts tax services to individuals & small businesses, CFO services, business planning, new business formation, and elder care. Hodges focuses on bringing you, the small business, the information you need quickly and easily... information that you can find, that you can understand and use, rather than paper and files that weigh you down and slow you down. Today's fast-paced environment requires a fast-paced partner that can take advantage of the newest developments, in operations strategy, in document storage and retrieval, in accounting, in banking and in finance. *Small Business and individual Accounting Today's technology allows you access to all of your business information from wherever you a format you can understand and use. We do the accounting stuff like bank reconciliations, financial statement preparation that has to be done to provide you the information wherever you go, your office or on an IPad, laptop, or smart phone. And we are available for consultations and advice any time you need it. We can also customize the services provided to you, including payroll, tax planning, tax preparation or any of our other services. *Strategic Business Planning Today's business is about competing. It is about targeting markets in new ways and getting and keeping profitable customers. We can help you transfer your business ideas into a working plan that describes how you are going to attract profitable customer relations and keep them in the face of competition. A good plan can keep you focused on what you need to do to be successful as well as help you acquire the investors and financing you need to implement your plan. *Starting a New Business Starting a new business is tough work, but getting the right legal, accounting and tax structures in place shouldn't be. We can help you decide if you want to start a corporation, LLC, or partnership. We can guide you through the decisions and then do the detail work to put it all in place. *Tax Planning and Preparation Today's tax laws are complicated. But we can get into the details and make the results easy to understand so you stay focused on your real business. We'll help you find all the business deductions and credits available. We will also help you save the information you need electronically so it is easily available. Taxes do not need to be stressful. We will help you estimate how much you owe and how to plan for payment. We can help individuals as well as businesses. We can work with you on payroll deductions so you don't lose money through unnecessary withholding. We will look for all possible deductions and mention commonly overlooked deductions to help you limit your tax this year and help you plan to reduce your taxes in the next year. We can even help with your personal bookkeeping. 1065 N Eastern Blvd 36117 Montgomery United States Call: (334) 280-2034
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Hodges Business Services, LLC, Montgomery, United States

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