Lehmann Business Services, Boyd, United States

Specializing in Small Business needs! Offering customized services in web design, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, human resources, grant writing, sales & more! Pam Lehmann has spent over 20 years in the business world and wants to share her expertise with Your Business! With experience in Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Business Administration, Vocational Education, Grant Writing, Administrative Support, Public Speaking, and Economic Development she brings a creative and versatile knowledge of many facets of business to help you make improvements in your small business. Credentials: Certified ED Finance Professional (EDFP) Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor Core Four Business Planner Over 20 years of business experience Lehmann Business Services will provide experienced, affordable and dependable results for small businesses. We can take care of your needs so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits! 1391 325th Ave 56218 Boyd United States Call: (320) 226-2238
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Lehmann Business Services, Boyd, United States

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