Light Rail Transit Authority

The Light Rail Transit Authority is a public transport operator that is in charge of operating and maintaining the Manila Light Rail Transit System composed of the LRT-1 and the LRT-2. Founded by Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos on July 12, 1980, it is also responsible for monitoring the progress of construction of all LRTA lines. Currently it is not directly, however, in charge of the upkeep of the Manila Metro Rail Transit System, or MRT-3, of which those duties are relegated to the Metro Rail Transit Corporation, a private enterprise, under MRT-3's Build-Operate-Transfer agreement. Yet this line's operations is possible to be transferred to this agency this 2011. As of January 13, 2010, the chief of LRTA took over as OIC of MRT-3.Although it has the naming format of a government agency, the LRTA is organized as a government-owned and/or controlled corporation under the Department of Transportation and Communications as an attached agency.
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Light Rail Transit Authority

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