Julie Morgan - Author, Winter Haven, United States

Best Selling Author of Chronicles of the Fallen, Southern Roots and Deadly Alchemy. Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical/Steampunk & Contemp Romance writer. Chronicles of the Fallen series follows the lives of Alex and Lisa, Samuel and Ana, and Jonathan, Gorgon and Michael as a war brews between Heaven and Hell. Who will survive? Who will fall? Fallen, book one Redemption, book two Atonement, book three Culmination, book four Southern Roots, book one brings you into the lives of Lexi, Robert and Blaine as returning home and starting over never looked so good.(may be read as a stand alone) City Lights, book two brings you back into the life of Blaine, his recovery and how music brought him back from the brink with bassist Penelope. (may be read as a stand alone) Fueled Desire, book three takes you across the world into Scotland where Abby decides on a redo of her life, but what she didn't see coming was Clive... (coming soon!) Driven Hunger, book four Makayla leaves an abusive relationship and stumbles into a friends... with benefits... situation with Matt, drummer from Deep Ember. More than skins will be played when the two fight against human nature on just being "friends". (coming soon!) Paramour, book five Derek has finally come out to his friends, and in the wake of it, he meets Scott... the most incredible man he's ever laid eyes on. Can Derek face his fans if they find out? Will Scott wait around long enough to find out? (coming soon!) Deadly Alchemy may be read as a stand alone. This story brings you back in time during the historical steam punk era. Follow Amelia, Mikel and John as she discovers the truth of who is right and who is playing her. PO Box 2117 33883. Winter Haven United States
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Julie Morgan - Author, Winter Haven, United States

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