MediaDonuts, Antwerp, Belgium

MediaDonuts is an online media company that focuses solely on performance based advertising. It’s all about conversion, conversion, conversion. We offer our clients the possibility only to pay for the results they get from their online campaigns. In the same transparent and completely measurable manner you remunerate us on the results we generate for you. This means that advertisers only pay when the initially set targets are reached. These goals may vary from visibility and traffic to leads and acquisitions. MediaDonuts is part of DKDM, a European player in Direct Marketing. Because of our extensive knowledge in online and offline direct marketing MediaDonuts is able to generate direct results on the Internet. Antoon van Dyckstraat 34/3 2018 Antwerp Belgium Call: +32 3 292 91 19
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MediaDonuts, Antwerp, Belgium

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Found: 15.10.2015


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