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Costruzioni civili ed industriali, costruzioni stradali e infrastrutture. Site Management and engeenering. Nuove tecnologie di costruzione. The company Flex House Ltd. is an Italian company which deals with civil construction, road works, engineering and management. This company was founded several years ago in the mind of some entrepreneurs of the construction industry and related sectors, aware that only by combining their experiences, they could successfully tackle the international market. But it needed an innovative project that could offer the market new solutions and new technological horizons. Hence the idea to present himself with a new system of construction, which has as objectives the reduction of costs and construction times, maintaining high quality performances. So they decide to come together and to patent the Flex House System, an innovative formwork in recycled synthetic material that allows easy assembly on site, keeping intact the characteristics of traditional buildings. What the market needed was a technology that would allow to build on site with the timing of a prefabricated product, but keeping the ability to change or modify any layout quickly, without stopping the construction work. A tailored suit, made with timing of a commercial product. MISSION - In an increasingly difficult market, it's essential to rethink how to face new demands, taking care to a growing problem due to a constant presence of players from the Far East. This kind of competition has unfortunately restricted the profit margins of construction contracts, at the expense of the quality of the finished product. Now it takes to propose new ways to permit lower costs and timing, but it is also necessary to keep the quality of the "Made in Italy", and with the Flex House System this is possible. But it's not enough, we must also ensure a service, including after-sales service, which allows to give answers in very short time. For this reason, Flex House offers a complete product, "turnkey", from engineering and architectural design, to the installation of electrical and plumbing, including after-sales maintenance. A careful management in the construction site complete our offer. In its projects, the Flex House Ltd. tries to use raw materials and human resources available in the country where it operates in that moment, sending from Italy only what is strictly necessary. The formwork can be produced anywhere, and the Flex House Ltd. offers counselling to local entrepreneurs who want to produce in their country our product. SERVICES - The management of Flex House Ltd. is very careful to evaluate requests from various countries, and when necessary, does not hesitates to go to the site to verify the conditions of feasibility of the project, anywhere in the world. In particular, on projects in partnership with local business companies, the Flex House Ltd. supports partners with a budgeting service, planning and troubleshooting very efficient. Flex House Ltd. follows and monitors each step of any BID, in real time. Always ready to send its specialists for each phase of the project, from tracking of the ground to the implementation of electrical and plumbing. In Nigeria, through its branch, it is proposed as a main contractor for civil works, road, energy and environmental. QUALITY - Flex House Ltd. has great sensibility for product and process quality. The company has certified its quality system according to international standards ISO 9001: 2008 - ISO 14001: 2004 - HOSAS 18001: 2007. It also filed a patent application for its technology for building, certifying each process. Quality is not a cost, it is a right of buyers, and an opportunity for sellers. The most impressive works as high level villas and the construction of public housing must offer adequate quality standards, because inside houses live people. All of them, with the same rights. MARKET - Flex House Ltd. operates worldwide, through partnerships or commercial agreements with local entrepreneurs. Its main markets are Africa, Middle East, Latin America and the United States. In Africa it has a branch, called Flex House Solutions, in partnership with a well-known local businessman, and it is located exactly in Nigeria, Port Harcourt, where it soon will establish production lines needed to serve all of Africa. CUSTOMERS - All shareholders and all the management of Flex House Ltd. have a great international experience. They have already operated in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Europe for many years, working in various ways to the realization of important projects. Among them, we like to remember the American Express Headquarters in Bahrain, the headquarters of Telekom and the headquarters of LG Electronics in Algeria, two ministries, some major roads, the courthouse and the Parliament of Rivers State, Nigeria. But the most interesting projects are those that will made up in future. FLEX HOUSE S.r.l. Attilio Bianchi Chairman Via Niccolò Pellipario, 9 61121 Pesaro Italy
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Flex House Srl, Pesaro, Italy

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