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Migration Business Services supports the work of Migration Agents by developing Business Plans, Labour Market Testing, Company Profiles, and the like. Migration Business Services is the business partner for all Migration Agents, Solicitors, and Consultants. We are on your side and we support your work. Whilst you are progressing the many aspects of your clients visa applications, we are diligently working on the supporting business documents such as the Business Plan, Labour Market Testing, Market Salary Report, Curriculum Vitae, Company Brief, and any other document that you require. This enables you to focus your valuable time on the elements that only you can complete, and ensures that you don’t get bogged down in onerous tasks. We offer our services at a very cost-effective price. In fact, we are 30% to 40% cheaper than our competitors. This enables you to pass on these savings to your clients, or create a margin for your own business. Which is good business. Welcome to our service. Nick Sharrock Managing Director & Business Writer Call: +61 7 3040 0644
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Migration Business Services

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