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KiNO 06.96525810 | L KINO IS A CINEMA IS A BAR IS A BISTROT IL KINO IS ABOUT TO BECOME A EUROPEAN CINEMA COMMUNITY MADE IN ITALY KINO & KINO BERLIN In 2010 a group of 54 young Italian film professionals invested about € 1,000 each to convert an old arthouse cinema, revolutionising the concept of access to cinema in Rome. Three years later Kino opened its headquarters in Berlin, in the Kreuzkölln district. It immediately became a cinema-bistrot magnet for cinéphiles in the German capital. REVOLUTIONARY CINEMA In the era of Netflix, AppleTV, YouTube and social networks, Kino has reinterpreted the idea of going to the movies by building from scratch an institution that brings together the concepts of permanent festival, ‘hype’ events, cutting-edge technology and 360° communication, so creating a community of nearly 30,000 fans (some online, others offline), and a place to come together that combines the two elements of sharing film experiences with the conviviality of wine and food. Thanks to Kino, meetings with writers, directors, actors, musicians, writers now belong to the same context as quality films, parties, launch events and in-depth discussion evenings, where all these components contribute to a first-hand entertainment experience that draws its lifeblood from the world of cinema. These elements have had still greater resonance thanks to the addition of online access to many different types of content. BRAND IDENTITY Kino has created a brand that is recognised at national and European level. Brand recognition is associated with quality cinema, with film events, the promotion of movies, and television series. It has collaborated with the Venice International Cinema Festival, The International Critics' Week, the International Film Festivals held in Rome, London and Rotterdam, the Holden Writer’s School of Turin, Milan’s Expo2015, the RomaEuropa Festival, Wunderkammer, the Milan Triennale and many others, with the attendance of personalities of international fame, like Paul Haggis, Larry Clark, Mathieu Amalric and Matteo Garrone, so defining Kino as a unique reference point for quality cinema in Italy and Germany. SUMMER KINO Since 2012, il Kino has held for four consecutive years the “Summer Kino" – the first year held at San Sebastian Park, then for two successive years at the Circle Of Artists and this year at the Monk Club in Rome. The Summer Kino event expands work done in winter and makes it flower, as it is able to count on an arena theatre with hundreds of seats, a restaurant bar able to provide catering for 150 guests, and the idea has expanded out into meetings, screenings, book presentations, and now even a Ping Pong tournament (“The Kinbledon”), a little 'game for a while' designed to pit writers, directors, producers and cinema workers against each other as a sporting event. Recent participants have included: Matteo Garrone, Paolo Sorrentino, Nicola Giuliano, Francesco Bruni and Paolo Virzì. PERMANENT FESTIVAL The Kino can be thought of as a permanent film festival, not lasting a week or ten days, but a whole year of screening great arthouse movies. They include some of the most successful movies ever produced. THE BAR Whether in Rome or in Berlin, the Kino functions primarily as a meeting point for cinema workers. Its members are actors, producers, writers, directors and guests; its most numerous component is lovers of cinema, cinéphiles, along with many others attracted by the informal atmosphere that is created between ‘perpetrators’ and ‘fans’. All of them get the chance to drink and often eat at the same bar or table. THE BISTROT The philosophy that governs the Kino bistrot is the quest for balance between the natural quality of its products, its relationship with small producers and the final price§, all based on the great Italian culinary tradition. The menu changes every week, and the dishes are accompanied by real ales, wines and spirits of high quality, always made with natural ingredients. COLLATERAL CINEMA EVENTS The Kino, outside its basic structure, organises events, celebrations, and special screenings of arthouse movies in structures that are not, properly speaking, cinemas, like retrieved industrial architecture, old buildings or big squares. This has been achieved, for example, by organizing Roundtrip, an itinerant festival between Berlin and Rome, or working with Expo2015 in a new building in Piazza del Castello in Milan, or creating events in an ex-military barracks in Turin, or utilizing the unused state mint. All those events have the Kino brand. HIGH-LEVEL FORMATION In addition to Kino’s natural daily work, the community of people living around the structure creates an opportunity for organising professional courses of higher education, ‘writer's rooms’, workshops, carte blanche and in-depth meetings – all of these often being free of charge. Access to directors, writers, producers, technicians, producers and distributors has been the special feature which ensures that these training opportunities are directly created by professionals and are, more specifically, designed within the Kino itself. CONTENT PRODUCTION Il Kino is also a producer of audiovisual content, using a compressed, web-based format, such as the format seen in the web series Seconds, the format of film and music Uncut programs, some in-depth interviews with directors at their debut, and many other video projects, such as Stand Up Kino. ORIGINAL FORMATS Besides the audiovisual formats, Il Kino also has the format of events that are related to the cinema, especially on the writing side, as happens with ‘Writer's Room’ meetings with the writers of films and TV series, ‘Carte Blanche’ meetings with famous artists that tell the story of their relationship with the great movies they have loved (or hated), and ‘How to’ meetings, where great technicians talk about the technical part of film-making. THE EUROPEAN OFFLINE & ONLINE CINEMA COMMUNITY Il Kino Rome and Il Kino Berlin are two physical hubs that create the same kind of online communities. The ongoing construction of Kinos in other cities (notably Paris, Milan, Florence and Barcelona) will provide a basis for building a European community of film-makers and film lovers. Live events taking place in Paris will be simultaneously transmitted to the public in the cinemas located in Berlin and Rome, and on an online platform too. Directors who are in Los Angeles or Tokyo can be interviewed and can interact with an audience watching as far away as Rome, Florence, Milan or Berlin, thanks to a streaming connection. Via Perugia 34 00176 Rome Italy Call: Info: Cinema 06.96525810
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Il KiNO, Rome, Italy

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