House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary, Gaithersburg, United States

Please do not post shelter pets here. The purpose of this page is to keep our supporters and volunteers informed. We have a page on our website you might refer to: This is first and foremost a page for supporters of House with a Heart. We encourage you to express your opinions in a constructive manner. By participating on this page, you agree to the following policy: We reserve the right to delete comments, posts or photographs that are: - Profane, vulgar or offensive - Misinformation or disinformation - Bullying or attacks against HWAH, its staff or other supporters of this page - Spam or commercial sales - Off-topic or irrelevant - In support of illegal activities, violence, animal cruelty or abuse - In violation of Facebook’s Community Standards While we encourage open discussion, including differences of opinion, we will remove and/or block you from this page if you repeatedly violate this policy. Further, HWAH does not endorse or approve the comments, posts or photographs by others that are on this page. HWAH does not warrant and shall not be held liable the accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of the information or opinions posted on this site. 6409 Stream Valley Way 20882 Gaithersburg United States Call: (240) 631-1743
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House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary, Gaithersburg, United States

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