Utah Lost And Found Pets, Salt Lake City, United States

Please feel free to cross-post, share, and post lost & found pets anywhere in Utah. Please check the "NOTES" AND "LIKES" sections for more resources. Utah Lost And Found Pets is set up and ran 100% voluntarily operated 501(C)3 NON-Profit Charity. Anyone can post listings for lost and found Utah pets. You are welcome to post everyday your pet is missing or you still have a found pet. Our goal is to try and reunite these pets with their owners which can be very difficult through the many different advertising and shelter systems. If you would like to help us help Utah's animals in need please use this link to help through Paypal: As always "credits" can be added and are needed at anytime to our regular vets offices to go towards bills we have and then go to any new animals in need.... Willow Creek Pet Center Address: 2055 E Creek Rd, Sandy, UT 84093 Phone: (801) 942-0777 Account #21276 (Christina Owens Utah Lost And Found) Spay & Neuter-Salt Lake City Address: 160 E 4800 S, Murray, UT 84107 Phone:(801) 262-6414 Account:Utah Lost and Found Pets Healing Hearts Animal Hospital 280 W 4800 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84107 Phone:(801) 281-3900 In your posts please add any information you possibly can.... LOCATION: Lost/Found: (dog,cat etc) SEX: Description/breed: any contact information any photo's you may have THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SUPPORTING ALL OF OUR PAGE!!!! 1905 W 4700 S, # 402 84129 Salt Lake City United States Call: (801) 835-1297
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Utah Lost And Found Pets, Salt Lake City, United States

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Found: 15.10.2015


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