Tamir's Pet Services, Herzliya, Israel

Tamir's Dog Services offers a wide variety of services for your dog. Training, Dog Walking, Animal Therapy, and more Training Private training sessions in the comfort of your home. Group Walks Your dog will be picked up and whisked off to one of Herzliya’s vast array of parks with their buddies for a one hour adventure. Each group is carefully selected based on the dog’s personality, energy level and size. Dogs will be individually assessed for suitability for group walks during our initial information session. On your return home, you will be greeted by a relaxed and happy dog. Private Walks Private walks are a better fit for some dogs due to age, a medical condition, temperament or a lack of obedience training. Your dog will receive our personal attention while getting the exercise that they need. Animal Assisted Therapy We work with Juvenile Offenders in teaching them responsibility and providing a platform for trust in working with our dogs. They learn basic dog safety and training. Herzliyah 46661 Herzliya Israel Call: 054-9136035
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Tamir's Pet Services, Herzliya, Israel

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