FS Clothing Brand, Lahore, Pakistan

Buy online from PAKISTAN's COOLEST CLOTHING BRAND PAKISTAN'S COOLEST CLOTHING BRAND Fahad sheikh is the star of today. He is a versatile artist who's ability to adapt and mould into any situation is unique and matchless. He has God gifted talent to interact with peaople with such ease that even the worst scenario can be handled with fun. His charismetic and fun loving personality makes him loveable amonsgt people. He is known to be the “ FASHION GURU “ and “ YOUTH ICON” who revived the sense of fashion in youth. Some people might call him rude or overconfident but his increasing fan following proves that “ akhir bold blunt and confident honay mai harj he kiya hai ” . Today he is a succesful host, model , socialite , professional accountant and Entrepreneur. This is the officialy fan page of Fahad Sheikh’s new venture “FS-CLOTHING BRAND” which provides range of tees, smart shirts , jeans , eye wear and diffrent other accessories , all this stuf under one roof. The good thing about his brand is thet he is offering limited edition in all catagories, which means that you are not going to see your product on every third person so the whole idea makes you unique and promises to make you stand out in the crowd. Because of limited edition there is no compromise on the quality of the products. This brand is specificaly for youth so the prices are set to be reasonable and the designs are distinctive by keeping in mind the latest trends of fashion . The products shall be available at the outlet on mm alam aswel as on the website from where you can place order and get your products by siting at home. Call: +92 335-4299798
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FS Clothing Brand, Lahore, Pakistan

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