HARIBO USA, Rosemont, United States

Welcome to HARIBO USA for everyone who loves our original GOLD-BEARS® and other delicious products. Join us on Instagram: What’s more important than a name? OK, maybe the yumminess of our products, but we have to start somewhere. HARIBO® is an acronym for the name of the founder of the company, HAns RIegel, and the place where the product was first produced, BOnn. Please feel free to impress your friends with that information! Although we were founded 90 years ago, we’ve only been in the United States since 1982. Since then, we’ve become the #1 selling gummi bear and have launched a full line of products including everything from Happy Cola to Sour S'ghetti. There’s a little something for everyone! We always aim to deliver on our slogan “KIDS AND GROWN-UPS LOVE IT SO, THE HAPPY WORLD OF HARIBO®!” There’s just one rule in the Happy World of HARIBO®. We have the right to remove any inappropriate content, including language that is irrelevant, offensive, abusive or threatening, or any nutritional information that is misleading or inaccurate that has the potential to cause harm to any individual. 9500 Bryn Mawr Ave, Ste 700 60018 Rosemont United States
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HARIBO USA, Rosemont, United States

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