516th Signal Brigade (Official Website), Honolulu, United States

BDE CDR: Jeth B. Rey DEP BDE CDR: LTC Warren "Ray" Wood. BDE CSM: CSM Delia Quintero The 516TH Signal Brigade, assumed the former missions of the 1106th Signal Brigade and its battalions, which were discontinued 15 October 1992. Today's brigade headquarters therefore traces its legacy in two directions: The 516th Signal Brigade was originally activated as the 3367th Signal Service Battalion on 25 November 1944 at New Guinea. The 1106th Signal Brigade was a successor to the United States Army Strategic Communications Command-Pacific, which was activated on 1 September 1964 at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. During World War II, the original 516th (then the 3367th) earned battle streamers for the campaigns of New Guinea, Leyte, Southern Philippines, and Luzon, with another streamer recognizing the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation. Following WWII, the 3367th Signal Service Battalion was redesignated as the 516th Signal Service Battalion in Guam. It was re-designated as the 516th Signal Group in Germany on 10 February 1954, deactivating there on 13 November 1967. Each of the 516th's Signal Battalions--the 30th today located in Hawaii, 59th in Alaska, 78th in Japan, the 307th Expeditionary Signal Battalion located in Hawaii and Alaska, and 58th (inactivated in Okinawa on 15 October 2012)--also earned World War II battle streamers in their original incarnations. The 30th, 59th, and 307th participated in the European Theater, while the 58th and 78th were in the Pacific Theater. The 1106th's other predecessor command, STRATCOM-PAC, had communications-electronics responsibilities during the 1960's and 1970's for the United States Army in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Okinawa, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand, as well as Hawaii--a geographical area spanning one-third of the earth's surface. During this period, more than 27,000 soldiers and civilians were assigned to the command, with approximately 21,000 of them assigned to STRATCOM-PAC's 1st Signal Brigade in Vietnam. Over the years, many reorganizations changed the command's missions and names. It became the 1106th Signal Brigade on 1 October 1989, eventually having four signal battalions in Alaska, Hawaii and Japan/Okinawa. 520 Wisser Rd 96858 Honolulu United States
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516th Signal Brigade (Official Website), Honolulu, United States

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