Dekaplus Business Services Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus

Business Consulting and Business Training/Seminars/European progammes-Vocational services DEKAPLUS Business Services Ltd started operations in 2006 offering a different range of services to the Cyprus Business Market, and especially the SMEs. Three are the main concerns of a small, medium enterprise nowadays : control Costs, increase Revenue and have enough Cash Flow. DEKAPLUS offers consulting services focused on these pillars: Cost Control: The major expense of every enterprise is manpower. Cutting off manpower is not the solution to controlling cost unless the productivity remains untouched. So productivity is the key word here and this is what we are focused on. Increased Revenue : SMEs who enjoy sustainable revenues are those who have a vision that includes the word innovation in it. In order to confront competition, and thus retain revenues, innovation is the only way out. Cash Flow: In order to grow a business, you need to have resources and know how to manage them. Cash is always expensive to acquire, but if you embed in your strategy the exploitation of subsidy schemes offered locally and the participation in European programmes, then you could have an extra income to implement your business plan. Based on these three pillars, DEKAPLUS has created a range of services that support SMEs towards this direction. Cost Control : through process and procedure re-engineering, asset management (human and non-human), outsourcing, training, management coaching Increased Revenue: innovation strategy, company culture, quality assurance, partnerships Cash Flow: local and international subsidy schemes, European Programmes for SMEs, collection policies 23 Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue 4003 Limassol Cyprus Call: 0035725760055
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Dekaplus Business Services Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus

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