Golden Consulting and Business Services, Heilbronn, Germany

Consultants in International Business, Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Visit us at our website. GCBS (Golden Consulting and Business Services) is a logistics and supply chain management consulting firm based in Germany. We are dedicated individuals with vast knowledge and experience in supply chain management, logistics, business entry strategies, the markets in Nigeria, english-speaking Africa, Germany, Western and Central Europe. Efficiently and effectively managing our clients logistics and supply chain is what we do. Our targets are individuals, small and medium sized companies around the globe. We conduct research and analysis, and in this way present our clients the information they need to cut down on their operating cost while propelling their businesses into larger market shares, organizational growth, profitability and their sustainability. Bruchsaler Str. 23 74080 Heilbronn Germany
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Golden Consulting and Business Services, Heilbronn, Germany

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