Monarch Flyway, Ogallala, United States

Monarch Flyway seeks to protect and establish Monarch habitat by developing products based on sustainably grown and harvested milkweed raw materials. Monarch Flyway creates a symbiotic relationship between monarch habitat and people by generating and supporting the development of products from sustainably harvested, wild crafted milkweed raw materials. Action Plan and Beliefs: 1. We are social entrepreneurs that imagine and explore products from sustainable, wild harvested milkweed stands. 2. We believe that increasing demand for milkweed raw materials will increase monarch habitat throughout North America. 3. We encourage people to provide money for their families through protecting wild milkweed stands and harvesting pods. 4. We partner with individuals, nonprofits, communities, and for profit companies to protect native milkweed stands and harvest seed pods. 5. We work with Monarch scientists, gardeners and enthusiasts to create awareness and educate the public. 6. We know we must help preserve over-wintering habitats in Mexico and California to protect monarch migration. 218 Prospector Dr 69153 Ogallala United States Call: (308) 284-8404
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Monarch Flyway, Ogallala, United States

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Found: 16.10.2015


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