Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming, Antique, Philippines

King humus Plus soil conditioner Humic Acid is an important biological input for almost any agricultural program. Liquid Humic Acid can be foliar applied, soil applied or applied thru fertigation or drip irrigation. Granular Humic Acid can be applied directly to the soil. Both liquid and granular forms can be applied to the root zone at seeding. In addition, both forms can be used alone or incorporated into fertilizer blends. Humic Acid can increase soil fertility and humus content, improve plant uptake, improve soil porosity and promote root and top growth. In addition, Humic Acid can stimulate soil bacteria. improve phosphate availability and act as a chelating agent to reduce the concentration of metal ions to a non toxic level, reduce the loss of nutrients through leaching, and stimulate the mobility of soil nutrients thereby enhancing the uptake of these nutrients by plants. Call: 09123355210
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Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming, Antique, Philippines

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Found: 16.10.2015


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