Lahore Agro Farm Industries, 8 Km Sheikhupura Road Opposite Millat Tractors, Lahore, Pakistan

Exporters, Retailers and Distributors of brand new Massey Ferguson, New Holland and Ursus tractors and a wide range of farm machinery/implements. Lahore Agro Farm Industries is an award winning Export Company dealing in tractors, agricultural machinery and agricultural Implements. It would be highly appreciated if you could go over our description, Tractors We offer 4 renowned tractor brands, which are known for their reliability, quality and durability, The following models are offered: • Massey Ferguson, • MF 240 (50Hp, 2WD) • MF 260 Turbo (60Hp, 2WD) • MF 350 (50Hp, 2WD) • MF 360 (60Hp, 2WD) • MF 375 (75Hp, 2WD) • MF 385 (85Hp, 2WD) • MF 385 (85Hp, 4WD) • New Holland (Fiat Group), • NH (Fiat) 480 Special (55Hp, 2WD) • NH (Fiat) GHAZI (65Hp, 2WD) • NH (Fiat) 640 (75Hp, 2WD) • NH (Fiat) 640 Special (85Hp, 2WD) • NH 55-56 (55Hp, 2WD) • NH 60-56 (60Hp, 2WD) • NH 70-56 (85Hp, 2WD) • Ursus, • Ursus 2812 (50Hp, 2WD) • Ursus 3512 (60Hp, 2WD) • Ursus 4512 (75Hp, 2WD) • Belarus • FB 510 (55Hp, 2WD) • FB 520 (65Hp, 2WD) All these tractors are brand new, with zero mileage have been tried and tested for decades now. Tractors supplied by Lahore Agro Farm Industries are assembled in Pakistan but have been manufactured according to the specifications and quality standards of their parent manufacturers. Engines, hydraulics, suspension and almost all other technical parts are mostly imported. Prices offered by Lahore Agro Farm Industries are the most competitive while not compromising on the product quality. Implements and Agricultural Machinery We manufacture a wide variety of Agricultural implements and machinery. The following type of Machinery is readily available: • Ploughs/Harrows/Cultivators • Planters • Land Developing Equipment • Drills/Seeding Equipment • Digging Equipment • Lawn Managing Equipment • Material Handling Equipment • Cutters • Reapers • Threshers/Crushers • Ridgers • Spraying Equipment • Tanks • Tillage Equipment • Trolleys/Trailers • Fertilizer Equipment • Sheller’s/Crushers • Slashers/Mowers • Hydraulic Equipment • Animal Traction Equipment All implements/machinery can be individually manufactured to our customers specifications i.e. colours, sizes, etc. Company specific labeling can also be provided. The Company Lahore Agro Farm Industries was established back in 2000 to cater to the Agricultural Machinery demand for all markets, foreign and domestic to Pakistan. For the past 14 years we have been successfully serving our customers with special focus on service, commitment, quality and after sales service. Our clients are dispersed all across the 5 continents The company manufactures a variety of agricultural implements and agricultural machinery using state of the art machines and the highest quality metal. We use rust and scratch proof paint which makes the machinery last a life time. The company is based in Lahore Pakistan, which is the agricultural and economic capital of Pakistan. It is a well-known fact that Pakistan is known globally for its high quality and low priced agricultural implements, tractors and agricultural machinery. If you have any concerns, queries or questions please feel free to contact us any time. We hope to establish a healthy and a long term relationship with your company and yourself and achieve our aim of a satisfied customer. Contact Address: 233 – Y Commercial Phase 3 DHA Lahore, Pakistan Telephone: +92-42-35734294-95 Email: Website: Alibaba: Call: +92-42-35734294-95
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Lahore Agro Farm Industries, 8 Km Sheikhupura Road Opposite Millat Tractors, Lahore, Pakistan

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