YouFarm international, Monheim am Rhein

YouFarm is an international web video competition for farmers around the world. Tell us what life on the farm means to you – grab a camera and get filming! Farmers achieve the unbelievable every day. They are feeding 7 billion people today, a number that will rise to more than 9 billion by 2050. But few people are aware of the steep challenges and the hard work required of farmers big and small all around the world. The international YouFarm web video competition wants to change that and gives farmers and their peers around the world the possibility to show the real life of farming. By submitting a short video they participate in the competition and have the chance to win prizes. Anyone interested in agriculture can vote on the videos – on the YouFarm online platform as well as via social media. The best videos will be awarded at the Youth Ag Summit in Australia 2015. The first place finisher will take the all-expenses paid “Farmers around the Continent Tour”. This year’s motto is “Farm ’n’ Family”. Family farms are the backbone of agriculture and account for more than 500 million of the world’s 570 million farms. They are the world’s lifeblood. But family goes beyond genetic ties and wedding bells – many small farms rely on employees with so much heart and dedication that they become an integral part of the farming family. What does it mean to you? Let your inspiring video show how you, or someone you know, lives “Farm’n’Family” every day. Call: +49 (0)2173 38 0
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YouFarm international, Monheim am Rhein

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