EOS Business Consulting Services, Cape Town, South Africa

Logistic, Maritime and Agriculture industries - Training and service solutions We believe that overall performance is key to success. Therefore we have diverse array of skills sets and focus on out of the box thinking and problem solving approaches. EOS Business Consulting operates in various sectors which include the following: LOGISTICS • Mediation of flow • Setup and optimization • Consulting • Business layout • GIS • Lean methodology • Sigma 6 • Collaboration planning • Physical distribution AGRICULTURE • Produce analysis, soil and water analysis (Business partner) • Soil preparation • Wine industry consulting • Cellar layout and optimization (wine) MARITIME INDUSTRY • Information technology • 3PL • Carrier logistics 23 Tritonia ave Welgedacht 7530 Cape Town South Africa Call: +27828057929
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EOS Business Consulting Services, Cape Town, South Africa

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