Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals, New Delhi, India

Pl join Agriprofessionals group ( which currently has more than 93,000 people & is promoted by ISAP Dear friends, ISAP, the parent body of Indian Agriculture Professionals group Indian Agriculture Professionals (IAP) is an online platform aimed at enhancing information exchange amongst the Indian Agriculture professionals. We have crossed 93,000 professionals. The ISAPindia page at has more than 108,000 likes. ISAP works with over 2,50,000 farming families across India. We encourage these farmers, FPOs, farmer clubs, co-operatives and others to use this platform to speak about their produce, its availability and other details. This platform will help them to reach out to a large no of potential buyers. On the other hand, we encourage people to post about various products and services that could be used by farmers but we need some details on the innovation in the product and also the impact of the same. Mere photographs and brochures would not suffice. In both the cases, the IAP platform will just act as an information service to help advertise availability of produce/products/services to a large number of people. Farmers as well as other buyers/sellers are advised to exercise caution, diligence and all possible legal compliance's before doing any commerical transaction with anyone who puts out a post about some product or service on this facebook group. We also post innovative companies or innovative ideas on this group. The hope is for these ideas to inspire youngsters and others to dream of businesses and innovative enterprises around agriculture. OUR GOAL is to do anything that it takes to to change the lives of the 600 million odd people who depend partly or fully on agriculture to their livelihoods. About ISAP ISAP, the parent body of IAP, which also started as an electronic group in 2001 and achieved the following highlights since then: -ISAP group and page on Facebook and linkedin cater to more than 160,000 professionals on a daily basis with thousands of posts every month and answers to huge no of queries and interactions generated through these platforms. -Reached 1500 Villages, 49 blocks, 27 districts in 15 States -Touched and transformed the lives of 5 lakh Indian farming families -Provided Entrepreneurship Development training to 3396 agri-graduates and incubated 1059 successful ventures -Trained 6611 BPL rural youth on vocational skills and helped them gain meaningful livelihoods.. -Certified 467 agri-graduates under India Crop Certified Adviser Program -Satisfactorily answered more than 5 lakh farmer queries through our Kisan Call Centres (KCC) in Bhopal (MP) and Gulbarga (Ktka) -Successfully running Community Radio Station "Kissan Vani Sironj" in District vidisha (M.P) -Created more than 100 farmer producer companies owned by @100,000 farmers across India Pl email to receive a full ppt on ISAP and its work since 2001. Please visit or to see for yourself what can be created out of a mere e-group. Regds Sunil Khairnar DISCLAIMER ISAP DOESN’T ENDORSE ANY CONTENT AND PROVIDES THE CONTENT ON AN ‘AS IS’ BASIS. USERS AND VIEWERS ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK FOR THE USE OF THE CONTENT. ISAP DOES NOT ASSUME ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR HOW YOU USE THE CONTENT PROVIDED ON THIS PAGE AND MAKES NO PROMISES, GUARANTEES, PREDICTIONS OF SUCCESS OR ANY CLAIMS TO SPECIAL EXPERIENCE, INSIGHT, OR EXPERTISE IN PROVIDING ANY SUCH CONTENT. NO CONTENT SHALL CREATE ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY. ISAP SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY, OBLIGATION OR RESPONSIBILITY TO ANY PERSON OR ENTITY FOR ANY LOSS, DAMAGE, OR ADVERSE CONSEQUENCE ALLEGED TO HAVE HAPPENED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY AS A CONSEQUENCE OF USING THE CONTENT ON THIS PAGE. 23, Zamrudpur Community Centre, Kailash Colony Extension 110048 New Delhi India Call: 91-11-43154100
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Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals, New Delhi, India

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