Sexy Farm Girls Do It Better

█║▌│█║▌│█║▌│█║█║▌ Official Facebook Fanpage ✔ Verified Account ® Copyright © 2013™ All Rights Reserved Just a page for anyone Country Folk or non to come together and appreciate Sexy Farm Girls. Ladies, when submitting pictures through Facebook messages, YOU MUST include your Name, Age and Location each and every time! If you do not, your picture will not be posted. Rules: 1) MUST BE 18+ TO POST PICTURES! Females only! Males send pictures to our Sexy Farm Boys Do It Better page 2) You can only submit YOUR pictures to the site. And once posted, we will not delete your photo, so be sure to take a minute to rethink your decision before you hit send! 3) Don't whine, cry, bitch, moan or turn into a 2 year old if you don't think your pictures are getting posted fast enough. This also means that if your picture wasn't posted, it's not some evil conspiracy to avoid you. More than likely it didn't meet our rules and sending it 100 more times in 5 minutes won't change our rules. 4) Any Drama will be dealt with accordingly. (So take a midol and chill the hell out before you come on our page) 5) No disrespect of any fan (Male & Female) 6) Have fun and enjoy the pictures. If you don't like one, don't put the person in the photo down, at least they had enough confidence to come on the page and post one. Why don't you? 7) Please don't ask the fans who submit photos to "Add you" same goes for our Admins. We don't post our personal profiles for multiple reasoning. 8) Remember what ya momma always said, "Treat others the way you would want to be treated!" Thanks! & Enjoy the Page! -SFGDIB Admins- Call: <>
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Sexy Farm Girls Do It Better

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Found: 16.10.2015


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