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Verdurous Talent Award 2015 WELCOME !!! to the Verdurous Talent Awards An initiative to bring out the hidden talents of those who are waiting for a chance to show their work in front of the world and have themselves judged by their audiences itself. VTA provides the platform to encourage and exhibit the creative side of a hidden Artist. Most of us have left their dreams aside and ran with the flow of today’s fast moving world. Though the glimpse of those dreams reflects in every action in our life. Suddenly, we realize, we are mend to do something else but due to the factors in life that demands a fast and established position, we came too far from them. Its never too late to live your dream. Remember the day when you photographed the most amazing moment or the time lapse video of passing cloud, or waiting for the right second to record the silence of the nature. And then the day when something so bad happened that you decided to keep the tools out of your site. But it never left you till date. VTA honors you for the courage and dedication towards the creative side of your talent and help you achieve the rightful place in the field of your interest. Thousands of viewers and audience will get to know your thinking and your way of seeing things. They may also make you one of the winners of Verdurous Talent Awards. Get up and get ready to chase your dream and live you life!!!
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Verdurous Verdurous

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Category: TV/Movie Award
Found: 16.10.2015


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