Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a free 3D Multiplayer Card game/Browser game. The game is built on the Adobe Air platform.The game was developed over a period of nineteen weeks by a small team of developers, using the Adobe Air platform. The idea was originally drawn onto a whiteboard, after the drawing remained in the developer's office for a few days it was decided that it would be the next project undertaken by the team.Significance of technologyThe game was recently recognized by the British Council as a major achievement in the Interactive space. The aspects of 3D gameplay in a browser and use of multiplayer management were cited as the prominent features.Picture gallery<gallery> Image:TPGamePlay1.jpg|Game Table (with all players) Image:TeenPatti-Teen-Patti-FabriQate-3D-QasiPlay-Beach.jpg|Game Table on beach Image:TeenPatti-Teen-Patti-FabriQate-3D-QasiPlay-Chateau.jpg|Game Table in the Luxury Chateau Image:TeenPatti-Teen-Patti-FabriQate-3D-QasiPlay-Cricket-Pitch.jpg|Game Table on the Cricket Ground Image:TeenPatti-Teen-Patti-FabriQate-3D-QasiPlay-Tournament.jpg|Game Table in the Tournament </gallery>External linksOfficial Website of Teen Patti the GameOfficial International Website of Teen Patti the GameOfficial Website of FabriQate Solutions
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Teen Patti

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