1 Billion Acts of Peace, Arvada, United States

Google and PeaceJam have now come together to launch "One Billion Acts of Peace" -- Changing the world -- the most fun you can have with your whole heart! Google and PeaceJam have now come together to launch "One Billion Acts of Peace" -- an international global citizen's movement led by thirteen Nobel Peace Laureates and designed to tackle the toughest issues facing humanity. Between now and 2018, average people all around the world will work together to create one billion high quality projects addressing the roots causes of the most important problems facing our planet -- crucial areas like rights for women and children, access to clean water for all, and alleviating extreme poverty. Our goal is to create the coolest, most effective, and most fun global citizen's campaign that the world has ever seen! HOW IT STARTED In September of 2004, ten Nobel Peace Laureates began a dialogue led by the PeaceJam Foundation to consider the root causes of the many problems facing humanity, and the steps they would recommend to be taken in order to create a better world. On September 16, 2006, these ten Nobel Peace Laureates gathered in Denver, Colorado to announce a plan to mobilize the youth of the world to address these issues. This event marked the tenth anniversary of the PeaceJam Foundation, and it was the largest gathering of Nobel Peace Laureates ever held in U.S. history. This is what they said: "We ask the young leaders of PeaceJam, and the youth of the entire world, to join us. For ten years, from 2008 to 2018, we invite everyone to work side by side with us as we address ten fundamental issues. These ten core problems are at the root of much of the suffering in our world, and we believe that average people can mobilize to make a difference in these areas. Over the coming decade, we will continue to lead this effort. It our hope that launching this campaign, we can inspire people of all ages, worldwide, to work for change. By the year 2018, we hope to inspire over ONE BILLION acts of service and peace." THE TEN KEY ISSUES: Securing Equal Access to Water and Other Natural Resources Ending Racism and Hate Halting the Spread of Global Disease Eliminating Extreme Poverty Guaranteeing Social Justice and Human Rights for All Ensuring Women's & Children's Rights Restoring the Earth's Environment Controlling the Proliferation of Weapons Investing in Human Security Breaking the Cycle of Violence 11200 Ralston Rd 80004 Arvada United States Call: (303) 455-2099
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1 Billion Acts of Peace, Arvada, United States

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