Wana (Telecommunications)

INWI formerly known as Wana is a telecommunication company in Morocco established in 1999. It is the third most important telecommunication company in Morocco.HistoryInitially founded by Karim Zaz, Maroc Connect started marketing its Internet services representing the brand Wanadoo, using the name Wana for a few years. The company was later controlled by the Moroccan conglomerate ONA, with the Zain of Kuwait holding about 32% of equity since 2009. Following an agreement with the consortium Kuwaiti Zain / Ajial, 2.85 billion were invested in exchange for 32% of the new company. On February 24, 2010, the former ONA WANA brand was given a face-lift, change of name, corporate identity and strategy.InternetInitially, in order to avoid the high cost of wiring and installations and to quickly serve the commercial market, INWI used Last Mile Wireless Delivery Systems) to provide internet connection to the market. Claims to have EDGE and 2G coverage in 45% of the country, with prepaid and contract After Sales 200DH (18 €
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Wana (Telecommunications)

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