Asia Pacific Telecommunications Satellite Holdings Limited, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

APT Satellite Company Limited (“APT Satellite” or “APSTAR”) is a leading satellite operator in Asia Pacific region. APSTAR commenced its operation in 1992. We currently own and operate five in-orbit satellites: APSTAR-5, APSTAR-6, APSTAR-7, APSTAR-7B (partial), APSTAR-9A satellite (“APSTAR Satellite Fleet”), covering regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and Pacific island which contain approximately 75% of the World’s population. We provide superior “one-stop-shop” satellite transponder leasing, broadcast, Teleport and Network, as well as data center services to broadcasters and telecommunication customers. Supported with comprehensive and high-quality services, the advanced APSTAR Satellite Fleet have become very important satellite resources for the Asia Pacific region. We offer the services to a wide range of applications including video distribution, Direct-To-Home TV, cellular backhaul, corporate network, maritime and aeronautical mobility services. APSTAR is one of the fastest growing satellite operators in the world, we continue expanding and enhancing the scope of services and capability of APSTAR Satellite Fleet to ensure we are able to meet the customer’s ever-growing demand and keep up with the evolution of technology. Our next mission is to launch APSTAR-9 satellite in Q3~Q4 of 2015. APT Satellite Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of APT Satellite Holdings Limited, a listed company in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code 1045). Call: Tel: +852 2600 2100
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Asia Pacific Telecommunications Satellite Holdings Limited, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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