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As a professional Steel Supplier Since 2002, providing Latest Steel Prices, Steel News, Steel Product and Quick Quote. was created by our parent company Sunspeed Group as a way for customers to find us and to enjoy a website that offers better insight into us as Steel Suppliers and into the China Steel world. We hope our site will become a source you regularly visit for Latest Steel Prices, Steel info, Quick Quotes and above all - Quality Steel From China. We've been trading since 2002 and since then have benefited dozens of steel stock holders, traders and end users from across the globe. We strive to be a China Steel supplier with a difference - committed to quality product, offering Flexible Payment Terms and a service that is delivered with the upmost professionalism. Every aspect of our business aims to ensure you'll enjoy cooperating with us for many years to come. Please take the time to browse around our site. We make a point to use our own photos of actual customer orders, so you can really scrutinise the quality of the products and packaging of the material we supply. We openly list the mills we use, show their location on the SteelFromChina Map and regularly write articles relevant to Steel From China. We invite you to take full advantage of our website and the Quick Quote page which makes it easy for you to get the latest Steel Prices for your product whenever you need them. We hope you will consider us as your future source for China Steel and welcome you to visit our offices in Beijing. Office address: Room 2709 Huateng Beitang Commercial Tower, 37 Nanmofang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R. China. Yellow River Road 056300 Shijiazhuang Shi China Call: 0086-311-89916778
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