JRM Business Mgmt Services, Redondo Beach, United States

Small Business Organizing and Mgmt ~ Productivity Consulting, Training and Coaching ( With over thirty years experience in small business administration and management, including owning/co-owning four small businesses, I know first-hand what a difference it makes when things are more organized, prioritized and automated. When I'm not constantly playing catch up and I trust that things won't fall through the cracks or sneak up and bite me, I feel more confident, competent, and able to move things forward. For over 10 years, I have shared what I know and learn with clients, to help them move from feeling overwhelmed, stressed and perpetually behind, to that place of confidence, competence and control. And, just as important, they can trust their ability to sustain it or get it back if something temporarily sets them back. Using a logical and intuitive approach, I work with clients through group and/or one-on-one training/coaching programs, with email and phone support. Together we implement tools, processes and practices in order to manage their time, tasks, projects, money and people more smoothly and efficiently. Organizing & Productivity Training Programs: Money Matters & Business Basics – QuickBooks and Beyond Information Integration – Paper “less” Systems & Data Management Systemize & Optimize – Tracking Tools, Checklists, Templates, and Forms Get Productive (Not Busy) – Time, Task and Email & Contact Management (Also available as a Corporate Team Training on MS Outlook) Call: (310) 400-6318
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JRM Business Mgmt Services, Redondo Beach, United States

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