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United People Booking United People Booking is a booking agency based in Salzburg/Austria. Bands we worked with: 50 Lions (AUS), 7 Dials Mystery (AT), Abhorrence (SK), Abyss AD (DE), Adisdead (AT), xAFBx (US), All Falls Down (AT), Almost Failed (AT), Alpha & Omega (US), Amplified Hate (DE), Anchor (SWE), Anniverzero (AT), Amokkoma (DE), A Sight For Sewn Eyes (CAN), Astraea (DE), A Strength Within (BE), Austin Lucas (US), Awaken Demons (ITA), A Wilhelm Scream (US), Bane (US), Billy The Kid (CR), Blackmail (DE), The Blackout Argument (DE), Blizzcreeps (AT), Blood By Dayz (DE), Blues Pills (US/SWE), Break Even (AUS), Born Gold (CAN), Born From Pain (NL), Bouncing Souls (US), Boysetsfire (US), Broadway Calls (US), Broken Vinyl (AT), Burn The Traitor (AT), The Buttons (AT), Cannonball Ride (AT), Cantona (AT), Chain:Saw (AT), Checkmate (FR), Chelsea Grin (US), Choking On Illusions (DE), The Creech (DE), Crimson (AT), Cruel Hand (US), Cruzada (AT), The Cassidy Scenario (AT), Code Orange Kids (US), Deal With It (UK), Death Before Dishonor (US), Decade In Disease (AT), Deez Nuts (AUS), Defeater (US), The Devil Wears Prada (US), Die Cut (AT), Digger Barnes (DE), Disgraced Life (AT), Drowning In Sins (AT), Dominik McNeder (AT), Dos & Dust (US), Dying Humanity (DE), Ellwood (US), Empires Fade (UK), Endless Shore (DE), Error In The System (AT), The Escape Of Eliza (DE), Eternity Ends (ITA), Every Time I Die (US), Face To Face (US), Fall City Fall (CAN), Fathoms (UK), Final Prayer (DE), Five Minute Fall (AT), Friday’s Spirit (AT), First Blood (US), The Flatliner (CAN), Former Thieves (US), The Ghost Inside (US), Gideon (US), Glossary (US), Gnarwolves (UK), Godforsaken (AT), Great Cynics (UK), The Greenery (US), The Green River Burial (DE), Guess Why (AT), Harm's Way (US), The Haverbrook Disaster (DE), Heart In Hand (UK), Heights (UK), Here Comes The Kraken, (MEX), Here Lies A Warning (UK), Hierophant (ITA), Hills Have Eyes (POR), Hold Your Ground (AT), Hope For Salvation (DE), Hopeless (AUS), Hot Water Music (US), Hulk's Pony (AT), Hundredth (US), I Exist (AUS), In A Blind Fury (DE), I Am Heresy (US), Inward Effect (DE), Isolated (UK), Kid Poetry (AT), La Dispute (US), Landscapes (UK), Last Backdrop (DE), The Last Charge (HU), Light Years (US), Listener (US), Lower Lands (UK), Mad Caddies (US), Madness 20 (DE), The Menzingers (US), Misery System (DE), Misfits (US), Monopeople (DE), More Than A Thousand (POR), My City Burning (NL), Naoen (AT), Napalm Death (UK), Nemas (SWE), No Compromise (AT), No Turning Back (NL), Negative Approach (US), New Morality (NL), Off With Their Heads (US), Overthrown (SG), Pathways (DE), Philemon's Tree (AT), Postmortem Promises (UK), Red Square Scenario (AT), Redemption Denied (BE), Red Fang (US), Red Tape Parade (DE), Resonant Of Mind (DE), Rewritten (DE), Revolosers (AT), Risk It! (DE), Ritual (DE), Riverboat Gamblers (US), Sativa Roots (AT), Screed (DE), Scenario Fever (AT), Scoth's Funky Revenge (AT), The Sellout (AT), Shadow Law (UK), Sheephead (DE), SHOWYOURTEETH (AT), Skaverda (AT), Skies Collapse (DE), Slut Future (AT), Spires (UK), Stigma (AT), Strength Approach (ITA), Strife (US), Strike Anywhere (US), Subjects In A Mirror (DE), Sworn Enemy (US), Tasters (US), Terror (US), Texas In July (US), The Tidal Sleep (DE), Therapy Failed (DE), This Time Tomorrow (AT), Throwdown Of The Emperor (DE), Thy Art Is Murder (AUS), Trust Was Vital (AT), Tuxedo (AT), Twitching Tongues (US), UGF (DE), Unearth (US), United Blood (AT), Useless Minority (AT), Vanna (US), Vicious Fool (DE), Vitamin X (NL), Wild Heart (UK), Waves Like Walls (DE), War From A Harlots Mouth (DE), Wild Palms (UK), Wolf City! (US), Wolf X Down (DE), World Eater (DE), Xerxes (US)
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United People Booking

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Found: 16.10.2015


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