Usborne Books & More, Tulsa, United States

Welcome to the “Official” Facebook page for Usborne Books & More - a unique opportunity to build a home-based business while impacting our nation's literacy. Why are Usborne Books so incredible? Because of the founder's philosophy: "Children are clever - they are our equals. We shouldn't talk down to them, but look across at them. Books should be friendly, and as much like magnets as possible. They should be reliable and accurate, stylish and artistic. Books should help get you off your couch so you're not just sitting there watching TV and chewing gum. They should promote wondering. They should be better than good." - Founder, Peter Usborne The Kane/Miller Philosophy For more than 25 years, Kane/Miller has been publishing award-winning children's books from around the world. We're proud that our books bring the world closer to children but at the same time, open their minds to the differences that are part of that world. Our aim is to publish books that make kids say "Wow, that's just like me." and also "Wow, that's different." And for them to know that maybe someone in another part of the world is saying "Wow" about the exact same book. 10302 E 55th Pl 74146 Tulsa United States Call: (800) 475-4522
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Usborne Books & More, Tulsa, United States

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