The Book of Unwritten Tales

Get it now on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 Pick your Platform here: STEAM: | GOG: The Book of Unwritten Tales is an acclaimed classic point-and-click adventure game series in a beautiful RPG fantasy world. Join Wilbur the gnome, Nate the pirate and Ivo the elf-princess on their adventures, face bizarre characters and magical fantasy environments and solve challenging puzzles that will tease your brain cells: The first game was followed by the stand-alone add-on "The Critter Chronicles", a prequel to the story of the original game. BoUT2 will be just as extensive as BoUT1 and will have even more characters, more music and a lot more animations. In our humble opinion, these are the key ingredients for a great BoUT2 game:
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The Book of Unwritten Tales

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