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Videos & Shows comming up soon REMEMBER, WE ARE A BIG GLOBAL FAMILY, THAT IS ALL ABOUT YOU, MUSIC & GOOD PEOPLE. Altar Global TV Network- is a video and live TV pool that will compliment the ongoing surge of today's visual medium on the internet. Music/production videos from upcoming artists, established artists newest and classic efforts on celluloid, Altar Global Reality TV giving you fresh insights to the Altar Global staff and entourage of musicians, artists, and fun contributors, as we strive to combine all aspects of today's multimedia in one exciting and cutting edge network. Cesar "MrHollywood" Altamirano CEO/General Producer Altar Global Our Official Worldwide Staff: Europe-Asia-Caribbean-Africa T. Lee: Japan Director Sabina B.: Rep. Cologne, Germany Lorne D: Dir Switzerland Ryan & Cade: London, UK Jeana F. Liverpool UK Olga G: Moscow Katt G: Norway B. K.: Brussels, Belgium Giannis L: South Africa L. Ellis: Manila, Philipines USA CANADA Grace C.: Rep Ontario, Canada: Kathryn O: South Huntington, NY Joanna B.T.: NY Katie G: Rep Las Vegas, NV. Barbie S: Kansas City, MO. Mari L: Phoenix, AZ. TBA: Seattle, Wa. LATIN AMERICA: Denise M: Peru Yvette C: Peru Walther Z: Chile Isela A: Mexico Victor DL:Guatemala Luis A:Puerto Rico Marylu F: Buenos Aires, Argentinaa
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Altar Global TV Network

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