Sexy Dancer

"Sexy Dancer" was the follow-up single to Prince's self-titled second album in the UK. It was the first Prince single released outside the United States that was not released as a single stateside. The funky disco number has few lyrics but is not short on funk, using prominent bass guitar, grunts and screams to excite the listener.The 12" single was Prince's first non-album extended version to be released. It includes extended bass and guitar solos, as well as more repeats of the refrain. "Sexy Dancer" was a popular number performed live, often giving other band members the opportunity to perform instrumental solos.The song has been modified over the years during live performances, often segueing into or out of other tracks, most recently during Prince's 2007 Earth Tour, where the music to the song is accompanied by completely different lyrics, including parts of the disco classic "Le Freak". The B-side of the track was the album track rocker, "Bambi" in the UK and "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" in Japan.
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Sexy Dancer

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