MEHER MALIK: Belly Dancer Meher Malik spices up Egyptian belly dancing with Bollywood moves. Having spent 17 years in the Middle East, she has mastered the dance that she says was once the domain of the high priestesses of ancient Upper Egypt. She received huge recognition after her performances on India’s Got Talent 1. She has lived in the Middle East for the past seven years and has grown up watching Belly dancing. Later, she trained in Belly dancing in London, Paris and Egypt. She also runs India’s biggest belly dancing company –Banjara School of Dance. She has also learnt the basics of Bharatnatyam for a year or two during childhood. She always wanted to be a fashion designer during school days and had got through the NIFT exam, but could not adjust to the way people functioned there, so she gave up. She fulfilled her dreams by starting Banjara design studio where she designs the gypsy costumes and designs her own costumes for her performances. She is also fond of tattoos. She got her first tattoo done because her then boyfriend was a tattoo artist and wanted to practice on someone. After that she got addicted and got another one on her hip that of a flower. Later, she got a peacock drawn on her hand and a star on her pelvic bone. She also has tattoos on both her ears, a heart on the right and music symbol on the left. Besides dancing, she enjoys swimming, singing and playing the piano.
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MEHER MALIK: Belly Dancer

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