Little German Band and Dancers, Raleigh, United States

Oompah party music from America! Equally at home in a Bavarian fest tent or an American barbecue, the Little German Band and Dancers bring Oktoberfest to you year-round. Join us for "Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit", and maybe a Chicken Dance or two. The Little German Band and Dancers of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, is an all-volunteer non-profit group dedicated since 1971 to having fun while promoting Bavarian and German music and dance. The group performs about 60 times per year at parties, arts festivals, schools, fund raisers, Oktoberfests, and more. You can see us perform annually all over North and South Carolina, and our previous travels include six trips to Europe and performances in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington DC; ten albums, including four on vinyl, one on cassette, five on CD, and one mp3-only downloadable album; exchange visits by five bands from Germany; and more. 2011 marks the 40th anniversary year for our organization. Get yourself a glass of beer and join us in a toast! Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit! Call: 919-460-0208
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Little German Band and Dancers, Raleigh, United States

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