Dance Dance Revolution: Best of Cool Dancers

Dance Dance Revolution: Best of Cool Dancers is a music video game by Konami. It was revealed on February 11, 1999 at select locations in Japan and was used solely for ranking Dance Dance Revolution players prior to a company-held tournament. The game featured only four songs, all four of which are from previous releases and runs off of a Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix machine.GameplayDance Dance Revolution Best of Cool Dancers is essentially Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix with a modified soundtrack. All foot panel mods have been turned off and the difficulty and style of a song cannot be changed. Otherwise there is no difference in general gameplay.MusicDance Dance Revolution Best of Cool Dancers has only four songs to choose from, each with a set level of difficulty and style of play. Each song was used for a specific round in the tournament qualifications.TournamentBetween February 11 and February 28, 1999, Konami held qualifiers for the King of Freestyle Dancers tournament in association with Toshiba Emi, Intercord Japan, Japan Airlines, Japan Travel Bureau, Pioneer, Puma and others sponsors in order to build public awareness of Dance Dance Revolution and attract customers to the sponsors' products.The tournament itself was held on September 26, 1999 in the Zepp Tokyo music hall in Japan. In addition to the competition between the finalists, Konami had a freestyle dance troupe called Konamix perform alongside Captain Jack, whose musical performance also served to announce music for the upcoming Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix. The winner of the tournament received autographed memorabilia, various products from the tournament sponsors and a trip for two to Okinawa.
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Dance Dance Revolution: Best of Cool Dancers

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