CandleDancer's Sacred Grove, Ridgeley, United States

Beautiful photography, inspiration, gaze into your future and a place to learn something new. My name's Candy, welcome to my Sacred Grove I have always wanted to have my own Magazine. I don't know why, but I have. I thought with such an outlet as Facebook I could share knowledge, art and so much more. So i would like to call this my dream magazine. I spend hours looking for inspiration through photography and articles. Some days I may have a theme day. Some days it may be about various subjects, but rest assured if you enjoy witchy subjects, photography and more then please like my "Page" aka Magazine :) If you would like to post or share some thing please contact me and if it resonates with me and what I think my followers will like, i would be happy to post it. Often times you will see page shares, images from other pages, links etc to facebook pages ONLY ( id never just send you to an external website unless i have been there myself and know it is safe)... you may see an over abundance of these page shares from time to time. I try to limit them through the day, but they do help in getting this page "out there", so please be patient and visit one if you fancy what you see. Its a good group of other page admins and i enjoy sharing them as much as it helps me.
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CandleDancer's Sacred Grove, Ridgeley, United States

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Found: 16.10.2015


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