Dancer, Prancer, Loon.

Just another page of fun for the Hiddlestoners =) **EXPLICIT CONTENT 18+ ONLY** *IMPORTANT NOTICE* ~I am in NO WAY affiliated with Tom Hiddleston and/or his officials. This is a fan page. ~The point of this page is to have fun. This page will be posting a wide variety of things, including pictures, fanfiction, fan art, memes. Not everybody will like the same thing. IF YOU SAY/DO/POST ANYTHING DEROGATORY/HATEFUL/HARASSING, I WILL REMOVE YOU FROM THE PAGE. Please, let's just get a long! ~Sometimes I may post something that is MATURE and EXPLICIT, for 18+ ONLY viewing. I will always give warning before hand! ~I do not own ANY of the things that are posted throughout this page. This includes manipulations and edits. I WISH TO CREDIT ANYONE AND EVERYONE INVOLVED IN ANY OF THE THINGS I POST. If you recognize yours or someone else's work, PLEASE let me know so I can apply the information. ~I am a full-time student and a full-time+ single mother. Both of those are priorities above this page. I will try to keep up with this page as much as I can, however please note it may be harder some times than others. ~Lastly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to comment on anything and everything, ask me any questions, and voice your opinions/thoughts/reactions/feelings! I want this page to be interactive! ~ THANK YOU for liking my page. I hope you enjoy it. <3
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Dancer, Prancer, Loon.

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