Dancers Shape, Austin, United States

Dancers Shape specializes in BARRE FITNESS & MORE! NEW CLIENT SPECIALS AVAILABLE NOW! Dancers Shape is a very unique approach to physical fitness. It begins at the ballet barre, but it’s the design of the exercise routine that makes it so effective and the customized music selection that makes it so fun and addictive. The method combines modified elements from all forms of exercise that dancers use to maintain their shape and fitness. Aspects from ballet, yoga, Pilates, and traditional circuit training (all core based philosophies with a focus on breath) are incorporated with the Principle of Overload and Interval Training to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time. All circuits are followed by the Dancers Shape signature stretch series to lengthen and create lean, flexible muscles. Major muscle groups are worked to burn fat, sculpt muscles and elevate the heart rate using light weights, a ballet barre and the student’s own body weight. Isometric toning moves, tweaked ballet positions, specialized movement, core strengthening Pilates moves and yoga-dance stretches are all part of this unique approach to a total body workout. 5350 Burnet Rd, Ste 7 78756 Austin United States Call: (512) 382-9150
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Dancers Shape, Austin, United States

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