Fairlife, Chicago, United States

a health & wellness company on a mission to fuel your life with strength & vitality. our portfolio includes Core Power & fairlife ultra-filtered milk. Global Headquarters for fairlife, LLC, a health an wellness company based in dairy. Believe in better™ and join us on our journey to live better on a planet that we treat better. That’s the fairlife way. fairlife House Rules Welcome, fairlife fans. Thanks for visiting our page and, hopefully, joining our community. We hope you’ll stay a while. We created this page to foster healthy conversation among our fans, friends, family, and those who have yet to discover what we’re all about. Our mission is to inform and entertain, and to share our passions for wellness and nutrition with all of you. We want you to feel that this is your fan page, and thus we encourage you to leave comments and feedback. To keep this space safe, welcoming, and family-friendly for everyone, we have just a few things we ask of you: • No swearing or language your mother would disapprove of • No derogatory comments towards other fans, products or companies. We are open to healthy debate but want a forum that fosters respect and not a place for negativity and insults. • Refrain from posting links or videos promoting other products • Refrain from defamatory, abusive, and threatening language, or any other communication that may otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of other fans • Refrain from publishing, posting, distributing or disseminating any defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, misleading or unlawful material or information • Please keep comments and questions directed at our products. We are happy to talk about the nutritional benefits of dairy (and more specifically of course fairlife milk), but if you are here to provoke or attack, we may politely ask you to please move on. Our beliefs are the same as yours - we believe in health and wellness, animal care and comfort, environmental stewardship and agricultural sustainability, so we hope that you will respect our mission to pursue these beliefs throught the production of great-tasting nutritious dairy products. We reserve the right to take down any posts we find to be in violation of the above, or ban users who violate these rules. Thanks for your support, and now, let’s have some fun here, shall we? 1001 W Adams St 60607 Chicago United States Call: (312) 624-9444
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Fairlife, Chicago, United States

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