Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, United States

Virginia Western Community College is a two-year college located in Roanoke, Virginia. Virginia Western Community College is a two-year public institution of higher education operating under a statewide system of community colleges. The College operates under the policies established by the State Board for Community Colleges and the Virginia Western Community College Board. The College serves Roanoke, Salem, Roanoke County, Craig County, southern Botetourt County, and northern Franklin County. Day, evening, and weekend classes are provided on a 70-acre campus located in Southwest Roanoke. Classes are also offered at off-campus locations in the area including the Franklin Center in Rocky Mount and the Greenfield Education & Training Center in Daleville. The College was established in 1966 and has grown from an initial enrollment of 1,352 to its current enrollment of nearly 13,000. Virginia Western Facebook Commenting Guidelines: This is a page for supporters, students and employees of Virginia Western Community College, and we encourage open discussion and invite you to share your opinion on anything we post. By participating on this page, you are agreeing to our commenting policy, outlined below. We reserve the right to delete posts on our page containing any of the following elements: - profanity - misinformation - spam - off-topic / irrelevant - personal attacks - promoting violence - promoting illegal or questionable activities If you repeatedly violate this policy, you will be removed from our page. We appreciate your cooperation and support, and look forward to connecting with each of you! 3094 Colonial Ave SW 24015 Roanoke United States Call: (540) 857-8922
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Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, United States

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