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Writer and blogger at My name is Kimberley Suchta. I am a writer and blogger. The wife of a police officer, and a mom of 5. If you are struggling and feeling weary, than this is the place for you. I hope you will come and rest for a bit. And if you're discouraged and need refreshment, I hope you leave encouraged and full of joy. I pray this blog will point us all to Jesus. I pray it becomes a place to rest and celebrate the finished work of Christ. A place to celebrate his grace: In our marriages, in our parenting, and in us. Even when those things aren't going so well. Especially when those things aren't going so well! My biggest desire is that as we look more closely at ourselves and then at Christ, it would drive us more quickly to the cross...where we see our desperate need for him. And then ask, "Can you believe we are THIS loved?" "Can you believe we are his?" And in that amazement, leave excited and ready to live out the call of the gospel in our lives. Thank you for visiting!
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Kimberley Suchta-Gospel Writer

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