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David Bailey is a British editor and author whose published output to date comprises a combination of short stories, audio dramas and magazine articles.Both before and since being professionally published, Bailey contributed to a number of Doctor Who fanzines in writing and editorial capacities, including Matrix, Silver Carrier and Cottage Under Siege.As an editor, he worked for the British magazine publisher Titan from 1997 to 2000 during which time he edited their Simpsons and Xena, Warrior Princess titles among others.His first professionally published writing was a number of articles for the magazine Cult Times, starting in 1996. Since that time he has contributed articles to a wide range of factual publications, including consumer guides and television listing magazines.Subsequently, he co-authored a number of guidebooks to television series such as Friends and Frasier. These were produced by Virgin Publishing.The body of David Bailey's fiction writing, both audio and prose, has been produced for Big Finish Productions' range of Doctor Who and Doctor Who derived materials.In 2011, he decided to start writing under the pen name of David Bryher as his real name meant that he was hard to find on Google.Published fiction (written)In print, Bailey has contributed to several of Big Finish's Short Trips range of short story collections, and edited one of them. The full list of stories is as follows:
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David Bailey (writer)

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