School of Engineering Technology & Computing, Toronto, Canada

RCC Institute of Technology is a private institute located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. RCC is one of the oldest private technology institutions in Canada. It began as Radio College of Canada in 1928. RCC is the only private educational institute in Ontario to be approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to grant Bachelor degrees.HistoryRadio College of Canada was founded in 1928 by J. C. Wilson, who had previously amassed considerable radio experience in England and the United States. At the same time he established RCC Publications, which continues to supply technical data to service technicians in Canada.In 1930, as reported by Toronto Globe, Rogers-Majestic Corporation and Radio College of Canada established a plan for registering radio servicemen of the entire Dominion. Examining and qualifying those who wished to become registered became RCC's role.In 1937 the College was acquired by R. Christopher Dobson. Shortly thereafter, additional and more advanced training programs were added, including courses in commercial radio operation. During this period the demand for radio operators increased sharply with the growth in aviation; consequently large classes of radio operators were trained for the Federal Department of Transport.
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School of Engineering Technology & Computing, Toronto, Canada

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