COMPANY F, Seoul, South Korea

우리는 잊을수없는 경험을 통해 브랜드 아이덴터티를 창조하고, 좀더 멋지게 커뮤니케이션 할줄아는 사람들입니다. ::: BUSINESS HIGHLIGHT ::: ADIDAS GROUP (Originals, Performance, Reebok, Rockport) : Creative agency with all campaign & retail event DIAGEO GROUP (Windsor, Johnnie Walker, J&B, Smirnoff) : Creative agency with all BTL & campaign business SAB MILLER KOREA (Miller, Pilsner, Peroni): Party, BTL Agency FENDI : Global show party & operation agency (HANGANG Fashion Show) CHANEL : Global show party agency (2011 Cruise Fashion Show) DIESEL : Campaign Consulting and party operation agency AIX : Campaign Consulting and party operation agency VANS : Campaign Consulting and Retail Promotion agency JAGERMEISTER : Consulting BTL promotion agency INCASE : Consulting BTL promotion agency KAKAO TALK (World No.1 chat-app): Official BTL event agency SBS (Korean Broadcasting) : Head office artist collaborating interior agency HYUNDAICARD : Music Service BTL Agency, Digital Cunsultancy SONAR : 2007 ~ NOW PENTAPORT ROCK FESTIVAL : 2006 ~ NOW GREEN GROOVE FESTIVAL : 2011 ~ NOW GO OUT CAMP : 2012 ~ NOW GLOBAL GATHERING KOREA : 2009 ~ 2010 마포구 상수동 86-55 2층 121-828 Seoul South Korea Call: 02-334-7191
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COMPANY F, Seoul, South Korea

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