List of character-based movie franchises

This is a list of character-based film series, in which many films are made about the same main character, who may or may not be played by different actors over the course of the series. The individual films of a film series may be produced or directed by different people over many years. In more extreme examples, the main character may be repeatedly "killed off" and brought back through fake-outs and other plot devices. Ace the Wonder Dog Agent Vinod Aladdin Andy Hardy Ariel the Little Mermaid Ash Ketchum Astro Boy Austin Powers Axel Foley Babar the Elephant Balto Barbie Barney Google and Snuffy Smith Batman Benji Billy Jack Billy the Kid Black Beauty Blade Buck Rogers Bugs Bunny Darkman Dead End Kids Dennis Mitchell Dr. Christian Dr. Kildare Doctor Mabuse Don (character) Donald Duck Dracula The Durango Kid East Side Kids Ebenezer Scrooge Elvis Gratton Emmanuelle Eskimo Limon The Falcon Francis the Talking Mule Fievel Mousekewitz Flash Gordon Freddy Krueger Frank Drebin Frankenstein Gamera George Jetson George Smiley Godzilla Goku Gonzo Goofy The Green Hornet Hannah Montana Hannibal Lecter Harry Palmer Harry Potter Heidi Henry Aldrich Inspector Clouseau Inspector Gadget Inspector Hornleigh Jack O'Neill Jack Ryan James Bond Jason Bourne Jason Voorhees Jigsaw Killer Joe Palooka John McClane John Rambo Jesse James Jungle Jim Justine Keystone Kops Kim Possible King Arthur King Kong Kommissar X Lassie The Little Polar Bear Little Orphan Annie The Lone Ranger The Lone Wolf Lucky Stars Ma and Pa Kettle Maciste Mad Max Maisie Malko Linge Man with No Name Martin Beck Marty McFly Marx Brothers Matt Helm Maxwell Smart Mexican Spitfire Mircalla Karnstein Michael Shayne Mickey Mouse Miss Marple Mr. Bean Mr. Moto Mr. Wong Munchie (The Munchies series) Nancy Drew Naruto Nemuri Kyoshirō Nick and Nora Charles Nick Carter Nikita Norman Bates Old Surehand (The Karl May series) OSS 117 Paul Kersey Paul Temple Predator Perry Mason The Phantom The Phantom of the Opera Philip Marlowe Philo Vance Pikachu Pinhead Pinocchio Pom Pom Popeye Popeye Doyle Range Busters Renfrew of the Royal Mounted Rin Tin Tin Robert 'Bob' Malone Rudy Rusty Samson Sabata Sagar Alias Jacky Santa Claus Sartana Scooby-Doo Scrooge McDuck Secret Agent 077 The Shadow Sherlock Holmes Shrek Simon Templar Spider-Man Sonic the Hedgehog Superman Spawn The Spider The Spirit Snake Plissken Spock SpongeBob SquarePants Strawberry Shortcake Tarzan Tenderheart Bear Terminator The Three Mesquiteers The Three Musketeers The Three Stooges The Twilight Saga Timmy Turner Tom Ripley Tommy Pickles Tony Stark Tora-san Torchy Blane Ursus Wallander The Whistler White Fang Winnie the Pooh Wong Fei Hung Wyatt Earp Yogi Bear Yugi Mutou Zatoichi Zorro Zero Woman
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List of character-based movie franchises

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