List of Da Kath and Kim Code (Australian TV Movie) characters

Main charactersKath Day-Knight - Kath was born in 1954, and was married to Garry Poole from the late seventies. She lived in Fountain Lakes with Kim for year alone before meeting Kel, and the arrival of Brett and Epponee to the family. It was revealed during the series (after her marriage to Kel in a big wedding) that she was still married to Garry. They officially divorced and she married Kel legally this time after a two-year invalid stretch. Other than this, little is known about Kath's life (however a portion of Kim's past has been shown such as her stealing Brett from Sharon as a teen). While sorting through old family pictures, Kath realizes that she is of Aboriginal Descent after taking a DNA test which proved it in the episode "Roots". She is also of Manx and Chinese descent. Kath also experiences problems with her age; feeling to old at sometimes as she is four months older than her husband Kel. Kath was a Tafe student graduate, and did a course in Real Estate. By the end of the series, Kim and her dramas got to be such a trouble to Kath, that Kath opted to move into Mandy (her next door neighbour's house) which was up for auction. She failed to auction off their own house, with Brett purchasing the house for $400,050. Kath is rarely seen being busy with Work - which can be anything for her. In season three Kath found work with Kel becoming actors for a 'High and Dry' commercial. They were later dropped because sales plummeted. In 2005, Kath and Kel got given a franchise called The Da Vinci Code Tours. Kath is the tour guide. Kath is a strong supporter of the Richmond Tigers.Kim Craig - Kim is often portrayed as lazy and rude. She is often seen lying down most of the time, shopping or snacking. Kim often wears short t-shirts which allow her belly to show. Her fashion choices change frequently, at some points she wears comfortable clothing (e.g. baggy pants and a sweatshirt) and the rest of the time obsesses over herself in the mirror and talks about the latest fashion trends, which don't usually flatter her. Kim has long brown hair and always wears make-up. Kim smokes and can be seen in the pantry of their Fountain Lakes Home, scouring it for food (usually which Sharon ends up taking and Kim reacts).
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List of Da Kath and Kim Code (Australian TV Movie) characters

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